16″x16″ x2 -“Ride the Wave -(SOLD)

Setof 2 – marbleized paint & medium on canvas.

Riding the waves of Life -parenthood, pregnancy, relationships, personal success, hardship and happiness. We do not know the future and cannot be in control at all times. Freedom comes from letting go + trusting in the journey.

These calming Aqua blues, teals and white are favored by most people as they bring comfort and a sense of peace that we yearn for in our day to day lives.

I love the unpredictability of working with paint and pouring medium. It flows & moves gracefully at its own pace as a creation emerges, kinda like the woman who keeps a little bit of herself guarded until she’s ready to reveal her true gorgeous self! ?

  3 of 3 12″x12″ -‘She’s pretty like that’  (SOLD)   24″x24″ ROMANTIC- winter flowers blooming. Acrylic on canvas with Resin.(SOLD)

 16″x 16″ ZEN-original black & white marbleized acrylic on canvas.  SOLD-

  -12″x24″ SUNNY DAYZ-yellow, white, silver on canvas. Just like Summer mornings together with coffee, in the kitchen.  SOLD-

Set of 4- 6″x6″ BLUE LAGOON- blue, white, silver, canvas. Marbleized- sold

15″x30″ abstract, white, grey, silver,pink $ 360-SOLD-

8″x8″ ~$80 <5 of 6>
  8″x8″~ $80 <6 of 6> SOLD

  8″x8″- original, glossy acrylic ink -Sold

  24″x24″-WHIRLING-original acrylic on canvas, pink, fuchsia, periwinkle, yellow gold. ~Sale** only $100 ****** slightly damaged, has a thin crack in it that cannot be mended- barely visible! Enquire, it’s still quite beautiful and a shame not to display it somewhere.

 30″x40″ -‘GRAFFITI’, inspired by the artsy culture & the grittiness of the Seattle street life. The variety of colors, music, sounds, smells, fashion & self expression everywhere! acrylic paint & ink on canvas, RESIN~SOLD

 30″x40″-GRAFFITI 2- original abstract, ink & acrylic,resin~

  16″x16″- GOLDEN, textured, acrylic, original on canvas. ~SOLD


40″x40″ TRIBAL REVIVAL-acrylic on canvas $1280 -SOLD-

24″x24″ SPRING-acrylic ink, heavy gloss SALE** SOLD

8″x8″ – ABSTRACT 1-original mixed media on canvas, glossy SOLD

8″x8″ ABSTRACT 2-original mixed media on canvas, Glossy SOLD

8″x8″ mixed media on canvas, original. ****SOLD

8″x8″ mixed media on canvas, original. **** SOLD

 18″x24″ MEDITERRANEAN SEA – acrylic ink and paint. Turquoise, blue, red with heavy gloss. <Comes ready to hang in a white shadow box frame> SOLD-