T H A N K  Y O U  for your interest in my art, I am honored to share with you my passion! 

 I paint INTUITIVELY and without a plan letting the canvas speak to me along the way. I believe that each and every one of us is born CREATIVE and has that fire inside just waiting to get out. I’ve always known I was creative though it took me a while to realize how critical it is to stay connected to your artistic side.

Like a muscle, we must encourage it to get stronger each day otherwise it weakens and we lose confidence in our innate ability to create. 

Now that I’m a mother I see clearly how deeply my husband & I will influence our son by our own lifestyle & life choices and as a result I am even more motivated to spread the word about EMBRACING ones right brain through painting & making art. Get in touch with me via email to find out more about my monthly EMBRACE CREATIVITY workshops, no prior art skills required!! 

My artwork is A B S T R A C T   C O L O U R F U L and it has been described by some as DYNAMIC, SENSUAL + MOODY. My pieces are often influenced by fashion & design trends as those are interests of mine which inevitably end up swirling in my brain during my painting journey. I get excited about a COLOUR or combo of colours and get carried away for hours in the studio mixing & layering paint allowing the canvas to guide me in the right direction. At some point, I eventually step back with the realization that there’s nothing left to do as the piece just feels ‘DONE‘.

I believe that each painting carries with it the energy  that was felt during its creation.  ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONIST artwork is so unique as each piece truly has its own set of characteristics. I aim to create work out of positive energy, with the goal of bringing LIFE to whatever space, room or wall it will be on.

By letting go of controlling the outcome,

I let the piece speak to me, unveiling its true IDENTITY~

Both EXHILARATING SCARY, this process is what keeps me excited and for me is far more rewarding than my previous unfulfilled 10 year career as a Financial Specialist!

Though my little family & I now live happily in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia;  I was born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba.  My mother is a fashion designer and my parents worked in the fashion industry all my life. I was exposed to art and creativity at a very young age, helping and observing my mother in her element creating beautiful clothing in her factory and at home.

 I learned about colour and texture and loved painting, primarily abstract works as early as 4 years of age.  I am predominantly  SELF TAUGHT and have received coaching from various fine artists but never any formal training.  My artwork is from the  H E A R T and is created organically.

I’ve never been a ‘draw within the lines‘  kind of girl, and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon! 

Thank you,