Thank you for your interest in my art, I am honored to share with you my passion! I paint intuitively and without a plan, hopefully creating something that inspires or moves you the viewer creating a ripple effect connecting us all together.

My art is abstract, and often influenced by fashion and design trends; the pieces are color dominant and I love playing with a variety of mediums on canvas and wood panel. I often paint and layer various mediums allowing the canvas to guide me in the right direction. 

Music is also another major influence of mine that significantly alters the mood of each piece. I believe that each painting carries with it the energy that was felt during its creation in my studio.  Abstract expressionist artwork is so unique because each piece truly has its own set of characteristics even if there are more overt similarities.  

By letting go of controlling the outcome, I let the piece speak to me, unveiling its true identity. This process is both exhilarating and frustrating as our natural urge to be in control and aware of a final outcome often surfaces and creates obstacles along the way. The interesting thing is that many times the finished artwork looks extremely different from its initial appearance! This crazy process is what excites me!

I believe we are all creative inside, and that by embracing  our creativity we create much more fulfilling lives and can truly change the world!

I was born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, my mother is a fashion designer and my parents worked in the fashion industry all my life. I was exposed to art and creativity at a very very young age, helping and observing my mother in her element creating beautiful clothing in her factory and at home. I learned about color and texture and loved painting, primarily abstract works as early as 4 years of age. I am predominantly self taught, and have received coaching from various fine artists but never any formal training. My artwork is from the heart, and is created organically.

Now later in life, after an unfulfilling 10 year career in finance, I no longer life in Winterpeg, dreaming about an alternate life. I now have that beautiful life in gorgeous Vancouver with my husband and adorable little son Eddie and I get to paint and express my creative self daily! 

I’ve never been a “draw within the lines kind of girl, and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon!!” 

Join me in embracing your creativity! If you are interested in purchasing my work or in taking one of my intuitive abstract art workshops let me know! 

Thank you, 

With love