Leah has always been a creative Spirit. From a young age she was drawing, painting, dancing, playing dress up & performing mini creative acts in her backyard in front of friends and family. 

Playing with paint came naturally and was for fun. It was relaxing, intuitive and free flowing. 

Though as the years went on, it became clear that painting was “kids stuff” and career expectations layed elsewhere in a more “stable” industry.

Leah began ignoring her natural passion for art, replacing it with a career in finances and a seemingly more secure position as a financial advisor. 

After 10 years in the industry the universe began nudging her with thoughts of painting, obsessions with colours and constant daydreaming of playing with paint in a studio!

At the time, It was a big risk to leave a respectable and safe career, however Leah followed her gut and bravely made the switch! ⇓

In 2011 Leah married Chris, the love of her life, quit her job, traveled on a romantic inspiring European honeymoon and then packed everything up and moved across the country to beautiful Vancouver BC.

Though many people have been supportive several have also tried discouraging her journey as an artist, and this has added emensely  to Leah’s continued pursuit in creatively expressing original intuitive work, while also encouraging and inspiring others to embrace their own unique creativity.

“I paint INTUITIVELY, without a plan letting the canvas speak to me along the way. I believe that each and every one of us is BORN CREATIVE and  that energy needs to be expressed! ART soothes the soul and is medicine for the heart.”    leah 

 Leah and Chris now have two adorable little children, Eddie & Zoe, and love life in downtown Vancouver. Parenthood continues to be the greatest teacher in patience, free expression, gratitude , organization and self love. Leah more than ever is striving to follow her dreams of being a thriving artist, prioritizing creativity and self expression.

Follow Leah’s journey as a painter and mother on Instagram @leahsimoneart for more real truths on her  creative path!

” By letting go of controlling the outcome, I let the piece speak to me, unveiling its true & unique Identity. ” leah